Perp Games and Wales Interactive are delighted to announce that Time Carnage will come to retail first across Europe on April 6th for Playstation VR.


Perp Games and Wales Interactive previously worked together on Don’t Knock Twice in October and see this as the continuation of an exciting partnership through 2018 and beyond.


This follows the announcement that Time Carnage will be available digitally from April 10th, 2018


Pre-orders are now open.



Website: Link

Trailer: YT Link


Time Carnage is a frantic VR survival wave shooter where players hop through time to do battle with dinosaurs, robots, zombies, monsters and more. They can mix and match their arsenal with access to over 25 different types of weapons, and will need to make use of all of them, as well as the timed-reload system in order to make it through a 16-tier campaign.


Retail dates in other territories to follow.